Grants and Budget

Learn more of what we do with the donations we received during the year.

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PTO grants are used to fund programs, projects, and materials that enhance education at Brookline High School. Please see the links on the right for grants for this year as well as prior years.

Mid-Year Funding Request Form for SY 2023-24



The PTO budget comes 100% from donations to the PTO.  Each year the treasurer sets the budget for the upcoming year based on prior year knowledge and new requests.

Budget 2022-23Budget 2023-24
Head of School’s Fund$1,000$0
Dean's Fund$1,000$0
Guidance Fund$1,000$0
Administrative Discretionary Fund$0$5,100
Website - Annual Fee$0$0
Email Service Provider$1,400$1,400
Online Directory Software$600$600
PTO Contingency Fund (speaker)$2,000$0
Teacher Appreciation Breakfast & Lunch$2,000$2,000
Annual Grants$33,875$30,000
Freshman Welcome$4,500$4,000
BHS Athletics$2,000$2,000
Senior Essay Workshop$9,000$9,000
National Honor Society Awards Night$500$250
Poetry Fest$750$1,500
After The Prom Party$3,000$3,000
Race Reels$1,500$1,500
Brookline Cherry Blossom Festival$700$700
Música y Cultura$1,500$2,500
BHS Social Workers Fund$2,000$2,000
Junior Semi busses$3,000$3,000
Tax Preparation$600$650
METCO Leadership Development(grant funded)$9,000
Black History Month(grant funded)$5,000
ACE Community Building$2,000$2,000