2023-24 awarded grants

Bridge Within the Community$2,000
ExCEL English$250
BHS sustainability and growing projects$2,000
Ambassadors Program T-Shirts$250
French Tastings$200
Spanish Food Projects$200
Transition Community Enrichment Outings$1,500
Visual Arts Field Trip$1,000
RISE community outings$1,700
Winthrop House Outing$1,520
Calculus Project Supplies$65
English Guest Speaker$250
Driver's Education Scholarship Fund$870
Dress for Success$600
Photography Photobook Project$550
Latino Club Supplies$500
Art and Design NYC Field Trip$2,500
Japanese Cultural Events$800
Freshman Planners$3,500
BHS Book Clubs$1,000
French African Connection$2,500
Transculturation: Africa and Spain Through the Lens of Cuban Music and the Spanish Language$2,500
Latinx and Allies Club$3,000