2022-23 awarded grants

APUSH Monograph - Reading is Fundamental!$1,000
ExCEL English$500
Building a Safe, Productive Space$100
Ambassadors Program T-Shirts$150
French Tastings$200
BHS Feminist Zine$1,050
Black History Month$4,000
Team Building - Treetop Adventures$1,440
RISE community outings$1,600
Civil Rights Trip to the South$3,600
Snacks and distractions in the health clinic$200
Vocational, Life Skills & Sensory Support for Bridge$500
Driver's Education Scholarship Fund$1,000
Dress for Success$500
BHS & Tappen Book Club$600
True Crime Guest Author Elon Green$500
Summer Calc Project Teacher "Baskets"$735
Racial Awareness Seminar - field trips & opportunities$2,000
Language Proficiency and Cultural Connections through Current Events in Levels 1 & 2 Spanish Classes$1,000
More than ABC - Providing More Mirrors for AAPI Students$800
BHS METCO Programming$9,000
Cultural exploration grant for the Japanese program$400
Transculturation - Africa and Spain Through the Lens of Cuban Music and the Spanish Language$1,000
Funds for Latinx celebrations to strength the community$2,000